Motivated, driven, and passionate software engineer.

Up and coming developer ready to tackle any challenge head on. Organized and goal oriented, my passion lies in the details. Seeking a development role with a high performing team that encourages continued education.



React Native app built with Axios, Expo and Reacts Hooks. Data is returned from the Yelp API then filtered by price range. Results display the restaurants address, phone number, and ratings.

Demo | GitHub


This single page React app allows user to search and store movies, view actors, plot synopsis, release year and awards accessed by the OMDB API. Data consumed by the API is store in a global data store with Redux and persisted to Local Storage

Link | GitHub


Full-Stack travel blog built to share images and adventures. Users are able to upload images, create posts as well as comment and like other users content. Data is stored in a postgreSQL database, rendered server side with EJS and served via Express and Node.js

* Deployed on a free Heroku plan and may take up to 30 seconds for the server to start
Link | GitHub


Built with functional programming, this web app deals and removes random cards from a 52 card deck. The user decides when to hit and stay.

Link | GitHub

Web Design

A simplistic and modern aesthetic, this webpage showcases design and functionality in a completely responsive package.

Link | GitHub

Local Dashboard

Built remotely In the Agile environment with a team of peer developers. The Dashboard accepts the users location and formats it through Google's API and renders local news, weather and traffic, all while remaining responsive.

Link | GitHub


Digital Crafts | Spring 2020

Full Stack Immersive Bootcamp
16 Weeks, Atlanta Georgia
Python, Full-Stack JavaScript
Node.js, Express, Git, React, PostgreSQL

Valencia College | Fall 2014

Bachelor of Arts
General Studies, Orlando Florida



Learning, problem solving, and new experiences have always been my driving force. Currently, I'm reading as much code as possible in an effort to grow as a developer. If I'm not behind a screen you can find me roasting coffee, cooking my wife an awesome meal, or spending time outdoors with our mutt Hunter. I also enjoy mountain biking, trying new restaurants, and traveling. I'm constantly seeking to expand my thoughts and my skills while growing both personally and professionally.

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